Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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We will be open Easter Sunday for regular business hours (11:00am-4:00pm). Happy Easter and Passover!

Some animals that may make specials this week (we have to get them first) are, long tentacle anemones, bubble anemones, mini maxi carpet anemones, midas blennies......and a few more, check with us Friday afternoon regarding availability.

Back by popular demand refractometers are back! We only have a limited quantity, but while supplies last, refractometer kits with calibration solution are on sale!

This weekend we have a straight 50% off sale on coral frags! So $5.00=$2.50, $10.00=$5.00, so on and so forth! There is a great selection at the moment and I imagine the selection will be better!

We have a lot of good looking fish and inverts this weekend with a few show size pieces of coral coming in from Indonesia as well. Hawaiian fish are a highlight this week and we are hoping to get an african shipment on Friday with some Vietnam anemones and more of those sexy mushrooms we had last week!

Refractometer Kit
A great deal on a piece of equipment that is very nice to have!
Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp
40% Off
We wanted to throw another food that is good for your fish at a great price!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
We have had nothing but outstanding reviews on these products! Pods, rotifers, and phyto! Yummy!
All Coral Frags
50% Off
50% of our already low regular prices, WOW!
Mexican Red Leg Hermits
The larger of the two main species we use for grazing. These guys really clean! Minimum of 10.
Small Nassarius Snails
Great sand sifters and overall scavengers! Walking Dead! Minimum of 10.
Mexican Turbo Snails
Running large right now! These guys remove large amounts of algae at the cost of being a little clumsy.
Blue Knuckle Hermits
Really cool little hermits! Super bright blue joints!
Peppermint Shrimp
$3.50 Each
$3.00 Each 6+
These guys are running great size! We tried for last week, but they are in now!
Condylactus Anemone
Nice looking batch! Good color, medium size!
Sexy Shrimp
Always wagging their tails! So fun to watch and will host anemones!
Firefish Goby
Nice size and eating well! Always peaceful and pretty!
Orange Head Clown Goby
These guys are just to cool to pass up! I'm a sucker for them every time!
Orange Tunicate
Pretty cool and a first here! Nice orange filter feeders that are closer relatives of ours to any other invert!
Sand Sifting Starfish
Great looking batch! Always popular, we use quite a few here at the store!
Lawnmower Blenny
A marine classic when it comes to algae control! Always popular!
Neon Goby
Great size! Good for cleaning fish and much hardier than cleaner wrasses!
Premium Flower Anemone
A super nice batch! Great colors and patterns!
Coral Banded Shrimp
Limited to about 10 pairs. The only safe way to add multiple coral banded shrimp!
Bangaii Cardinal
A classic schooling fish that is a mouth brooder! Usually peaceful and a great all around fish!
Orange Linkia
Our Sri Lankan supplier is the best! These tend to be very hardy and super colorful!
Red Coris Wrasse
A super colorful and active fish! Does grow large and changes to an entirely different beautiful fish!
Diamond Goby
The most common sand sifting goby! Does a great job keeping the sand clean!
Red And Yellow Feather Duster
On the small side, but very attractive! Always popular and beautiful!
Yellow Head Sleeper Goby
Mostly mediums, on the larger side! Very good sand sifters!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
Most likely one of the most popular inverts we carry! Social, benefit the aquarium, and good looking doesn't hurt!
Mini Maxi Carpet Anemones
Always a hardy and super colorful addition. Even in small tanks as they do not grow very large!
Ruby Red Dragonette
The largest we have ever had! HUGE, comparatively! Looking great!
Small Tiger Wardii Sleeper Goby
The rarest, and my favorite of the sand sifting "sleeper" gobies!
Long Tentacle Anemone
Large size, great color and variety! Will be in Friday afternoon!
Black Cap Basslett
Good size and perfect color! A shy fish to start, but awesome when established!
Kole Tang
Very nice batch of mediums with a few just slightly smaller! Awesome grazers!
Small-Medium Hippo Tang
The hippos we have had for the last six months have been the hardiest I have ever seen!
Wartskin Anglerfish
A bevy of beauties! Such nice looking fish! Medium to large sizes! All are eating well!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums