Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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Wow, Thanksgiving is already here! Where did the year go! As is customary, we will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, but will be rocking out some KILLER BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS!! We have a few things in mind, but considering the nature of livestock we will have to wait and see what is available next week! We greatly appreciate you patronage and always try to make Black Friday a break from the traditional craziness that confronts us at most other stores. Happy Thanksgiving, we hope it is full of family and love!

Now, for this week, we are loaded! Everyone wants their aquarium to look great for the holidays and it typically starts with Thanksgiving! Nothing beats sitting around with the family, watching football, and seeing that bright new fish, or neon colored coral gracing the aquarium. This week we should have just about everything you are looking for!

Aussie corals came in and are looking great! Huge heads on the Hammers and Torches with great color, and the super healthy specimens we have come to expect from Australia! For something new, or at least rather rare, we did get in some nice Aussie Zoas! We do have a couple handfuls of Blue Orgasm frags left, we offered these first on Facebook last Saturday, and we have been uploading a little something extra every Saturday, usually bonus specials, so don't forget to like us!

Fish wise we have a ton of cool stuff, with one fish in particular that we have been waiting three months to get, a REEF SAFE PARROTFISH, and man are they stunners! The Quoyi Parrotfish contains just about every color of the rainbow, doesn't get too big, and did we mention, REEF SAFE! We have been looking into these fish for almost a year now and speaking directly with exporters, importers, and aquarist about these fish. We are happy to say, this is the first time we have had these and they are perfect! Eating just about any prepared food, and good algae eaters to boot!

Have a great weekend, a safe holiday, and as always we hope to see you!
29 Gal Biocube Raffle
Free ticket with every $20.00 spent. Drawing held Dec 18th. Good luck!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Great foods for fish and corals! Help with pigmentation and nutrient decomposition! Over all a win win.
25% Off
We realize that changing bulbs is always an expensive, but necessary part of conventional lighting. We are going to help take the sting out of it!
$5.00 Frags
Buy 2 Get 1 Free
A great way to add a little volume to your reef, with a lot of value!
War Coral
A great piece of Aussie coral that is hardy and a fast grower. Beautiful reds and greens!
Aussie Zoas
$5-10.00 Frags
Very nice, and an animal we do not see too often! Space Queens?
Red Goniopora
$7.00 Frags
Something we do not get the chance to frag too often! Great color and prefer water with a little more nutrient in it.
Blue Orgasms
$7.00 Frags
Super nice, I even took a nice piece home! Beautiful blue with green skirts!
$10-20.00 Frags
Pretty much singles or doubles, and very nice! Very hardy and great color!
Aussie Torch Coral
$15-20.00 Frags
Big, fat Aussie poylps! A few different color morphs to choose from!
Awesome Aussie Acan
$20.00 Frags
Nice! Bright yellow and red, a great color morph we haven't seen in years, very limited.
Aussie Hammers
$40.00 Frags
Some more jumbo Aussie heads! Toxic green, bicolor, and highlighter! Very nice!
Designer Frags
If you are into names like Jason Fox, Steve Tyree, World Wide Corals, take a look at these! A bunch of interesting corals at good prices!
Red Leg Hermit
$.70 10+
A larger species of dwarf hermit, or at least are larger when we get them. Great grazing hermits!
Margarita Snail
$.70 10+
One of our favorite snails. Pretty good at flipping themselves over if they fall in the sand.
Bumble Bee Snail
A cool little snail that lives for years! Very beneficial little snails!
Scarlet Hermit
A great larger reef hermit that is very good for grazing! Bright legs with yellow eye stalks.
Emerald Crab
One of the best grazers you can get, but we do recommend, like most other grazers, to use them in groups.
Peppermint Shrimp
Known for the knack of eating Aiptasia, these little reef shrimp are always popular and just a few will prevent an outbreak from ever occurring!
Halloween Hermit
A favorite for fancy hermits, cool looking crabs living in cool looking shell! Compare to $11.99 online!
Arrow Crab
Another useful animal, arrow crabs are know for the ability to control bristle worms! Reef safe.
Coral Banded Shrimp
A great marine invert that has been popular for decades owing to it's hardy nature and color pattern.
S Ocellaris Clownfish
Nemo! A great price on one of the most widely recognized fish in the hobby!
XL Clown Goby
Big boys and girls this week. A few different color variants to choose from!
Scissortail Goby
A relative of the firefish that will school up with all of the other dartfish. Active and hardy!
Pink Skunk Clown
One of the more peaceful clownfish species, and usually very quick to host anemones.
Yellow Gorgonian
Nice and colorful, and great hitching posts for seahorses. Non photosynthetic so do need to be fed. 
Red Sand Hopper
These are very interesting fish to watch, much like hawkfish. Great color this week.
Green Filefish
Filefish are becoming more and more reef savvy lately. These guys are great for controlling Aiptasia.
White Sleeper Goby
Small to medium is size, these guys do a great job cleaning the sand bed!
Psychedelic Mandarin
Groovy man! Most are eating live brine, all will come with a free 1/2 portion of pods to help get them situated! 
Running larger than average this week. Literally hair algae mowers, it is amazing what these animals can do in just a couple days!
Red Linkia Satrfish
One of the nicest batches we have had in a long time! Bright and good size!
Staghorn Hermit Crab
Really cool, and something we have not had in a while! This hermit actually lives in a coral and carries it with him!
Small Female Lyretail Anthia
More of the same looking great fish we had last week. From Sri Lanka and doing great!
Purple Firefish
A great looking batch. Firefish and other dartfish can be mixed to form mixed schools!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
We did not realize how much everyone would miss these awesome animals last week! Looking great but will most likely go fast!
Bubble Tip Anemone
Overall our best selling, most highly recommended anemone. Hardy and host almost all species of clownfish!
T.R. Seahorses
We love these smaller, less expensive seahorses, but remember, they need to eat a lot!
Longnose Hawkfish
A comical fish to watch, and always popular! Reef safe and hardy!
Garden Eel
This week they are all the blue and orange striped species. Peaceful and make good tank mates with seahorses provided there is enough sand. 
Large Female Lyretail Anthia
We simply do not see them this nice very often! From Africa and doing great!
African General Star
NOT REEF SAFE! These are stunning! Some of the nicest we have seen!
Male Lyretail Anthia
Very nice, reds, pinks, and oranges! From Africa and eating very well!
Flame Hawkfish
What a treat! It seems like forever since we have had enough of these guys to put on special! An awesome fish with a cult following!
Quoyi Parrotfish
REEF SAFE!! Most likely the most beautiful reef fish available! We have been doing homework on these for close to a year!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums