Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This weekend we have some great looking livestock at the store! Africa fish are looking GREAT!! We received and beautiful Indonesia coral shipment with some PHENOMENAL Zoas and Palys! Combo rocks will be on sale and there are some real gems on them! ORA did come in too and we have the ever popular Setosa that is soooo bright you need sunglasses to looks at it as well as some very nice blue Maxima clams!

Lots of really nice fish this week with some great looking medium Hippo tangs, large Midas blennies, ORA Black Ocellaris, Evansi anthias, Lyretail anthias, Majestic Angels, Flameback angels, and some awesome Condylactus anemones from Belize! Shipments looked great this week overall and we have a ton of critters!

Have a great weekend and as always, we hope to see you!

Seachem Marine Salt
$40.00 Case
A lot of people have been asking so we brought this back! Time to stock up on the best salt on the market!
Coral Frenzy
25% Off
Another super food! This has been super popular and a little goes a very long way!
Algagen Live Feed
25% Off
Yummy yummy! Great PODS and Phyto this week! Great natural, live foods that your fish and coral will love!
$5.00 Frags
A couple really sweet favia this week! This is one of them, they are all nice!
Red Cyphastrea
$5.00 Frags
A very cool Cyphastrea that we waited a month to color up! Great growers and always popular!
Super Pink Palys
$7.50 Frags
Some really nice palys that are doing perfect! A great splash of color!
Blue Green Sympodium
$10.00 Frags
We have not had these in a long time! Great soft coral that does awesome and does not grow super fast!
Hairy Mushroom
$10.00 Frags
Great size and color on these guys! Hardy and grow well!
Glove Poylps
$10.00 Frags
We do not frag these too often as the colonies usually fly out of here. Great looking coral!
Torch Coral
$10.00+ Frags
Another great looking batch of torch coral from Indonesia this week! The best quality we have seen in a long time!
Devil's Hand Leather
A great looking batch of a hardy coral that grows and fills in nicely!
Blue Xenia
$25.00 Colonies
Very nice looking coral that is hardy and flows! Nice color and good size pieces!
ORA Montipora Setosa
Super bright! Great looking frags of one of the most colorful corals you can get!
ORA Blue Maxima
Awesome looking batch, but limited!
Combo Rock
$80.00 Colony
WOW, these are REALLY nice! We received more than we ever had, and they all look awesome!
Fiji Pukani Live Rock
$4.50 lb
Fully cured and looks great! Awesome shapes and rather light in weight!
Fiji Branch Live Rock
$5.00 lb
Fully cured and a great rock for accents and to channel coral growth!
Astrea Snail
$.40 each 10+
The most popular grazing snail! Back after a few weeks of low supply!
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 each 10+
Much larger than they have been, but we are not getting in as many as we would like to. Great algae eaters!
Red Leg Hermits
$.70 each 10+
These guys are always big and always have a great appetite for algae!
Large Nassarius
Great sand sifters and have the cool name of "zombie snails" as they wake up when they smell food!
Scarlet Hermit
A great grazing hermit that is bright red with bright yellow eye stalks! First time on special in a while!
Zebra Turbo Snail
These are an awesome, rare treat! The size of Mexican turbo snails, in a truly tropical snail! Great algae eaters, one of the only ones that will eat turf algae!
Peppermint Shrimp
Great Aiptasia eaters and always popular! Get a group and they will hang out together as they are social!
Emerald Crab
Some more coming in Friday! Great algae eaters that we all know and love!
Tiger Conch
Great sand sifters and eat algae off the sand bed! Awesome little critters!
Sand Sifting Starfish
The best price we have had in a while! A very popular sand sifter that will not jump out, lol.
Coral Catfish
Super cool, super active, and school nicely! They do get large.
XL Pink Nudi
The nicest we have seen in a long time! These do eat sponge, and tend to do well in large established reefs!
ML T.R. Ocellaris Clown
Much larger than we have had lately, and doing great! NEMO!
Belize Condy Anemone
These are no doubt the nicest Condy anemones we have ever seen! The color is amazing and most are huge!
White Sleeper Goby
Mostly mediums and smalls, great sand sifters!
Psychedelic Mandarin
Better size than we have seen in a while! Groovy! Free bag of live food pods while they last!
TR True Percula Clownfish
Nice black pattern already, and these guys typically host anemones well!
Flasher Wrasse
Limited but awesome looking batch! Great reef wrasses!
Md Cleaner Shrimp
Great size at an awesome price! These guys have been super popular!
Tiger Jawfish
So fun to watch and comical! Great reef fish and really cool pattern!
T.R. Snowflake Clownfish
Great looking patterns and these do tend to go into anemones! Great fish!
Dragon Face Pipefish
Awesome fish that are hardy by pipefish standards. A HUGE bonus, the eat red bugs!
ORA Black Ocellaris
These guys are awesome! Limited, but perfect!
Female Lyretail Anthia
A great looking batch out of Africa! Much larger this week!
Male Lyretial Anthia
These boys look great! From Africa as well and doing great!
Large Midas Blenny
Always popular! These are some of the coolest fish to watch, and some of the best personality you could imagine in a fish!
Flameback Angel
Great reef angel fish from Africa! Always super bright!
Evansi Anthias
A super nice looking batch! Always a popular fish and eating great!
Medium Rose Bubble
A super nice batch! I wish they were always this nice! Great size and great color!
Medium Hippo Tang
Looking perfect and the size that is not a hassle to keep! Eating great!
Majestic Angel
Perfect specimens and eating great! We love these fish and they are doing great!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums