Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This week we received the largest coral shipment we have received in a long time! Over 100 pieces of new coral in the store and some AWESOME prices!! We had sooooo many requests to do a $20.00 colony sale again we are, but we are taking it one step further and adding two more categories, $30.00 and $40.00.  There are some great deals here, with most corals savings ranging from 30-60%, many cheaper than wholesale! Awesome shipment all together! The $20 and $30 sections are loaded, by far the most pieces in the store at the moment!

As always we received tons of fish and inverts with wonderful highlights from Africa this week with a stellar batch of Dispar Anthias too!

Corals will be fragged as soon as possible and Saturday morning will most likely have the best selection, but please call if you have any questions. We know it sounds weird, but man, some awesome, funky, mushrooms came in and we had to frag them out so everyone could get a few. Some oddballs we have never seen and really just some funky stuff!
There will be a small batch of high quality blue zoa frags available, but we are not quite sure of the price yet, they are pretty sweet!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you!
$20.00 Corals
AWESOME selection! Picture is part of the actual tank! Lots of leathers, star polyps, mushrooms, zoas, and some other goodies mixed in!
$30.00 Corals
Picture is part of actual tank! Lots of goodies ranging from zoas, brains, acanthropyhllia, galaxy, long and short tentacle plates, and much much more!
$40.00 Corals
Picture is part of actual tank! Lots of high end zoas, cynarina, lobos, fox coral, black sun coral, an more!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Feed those new corals the good stuff! Fresh phytoplankton and spunky pods!
Live Rock
A little bit of this, and a little bit of that! All types and fully cured!
$5.00 Coral Frags
Buy 2 Get 1 Free
A good selection that will only get better!
Designer Mushrooms
$5.00 Frags
Really cool, and something we do not see very often! Blue spot reds, blue spot watermelon, yellow spot, maybe a few more.
Metallic Red Mushrooms
$5.00 Frags
The red mushroom everyone loves, just a little brighter!
Blue Mushrooms
$5.00 Frags
The blue mushrooms everyone loves, grows very well!
Duncan Coral
$5.00 Per Polyp
Great coral for the beginner or advanced hobbyist, and one of the fastest growing stoney corals!
Galaxy Coral
$5.00 Frags
A great, hardy coral, with a strong sting that can be useful in controlling other corals growth!
Candy Coral
$5.00 Frags
A few different type variants will be available, always a great choice!
Orange Yuma
$15.00 Per Polyp
A different batch from a different location, with different color, very nice!
Astrea Snails
$.50 10+
$35.00 for 100
We are keeping this going as long as the demand stays strong.
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 10+
$35.00 For 100
Great pickers and a great way to control hair algae! Pretty good size this week!
Margarita Snail
$.70 10+
Limited to a few hundred, great algae eaters that turn themselves over pretty well!
XL Mexican Turbo
Another batch of big mama jamas! About as large as we get!
Flame Scallop
A great splash of color! Hardy so long as fed, and do best in reefs that do feed corals regularly!
Yellow Clown Goby
Everyone's favorite little reef fish! Great color and eating well!
Lawnmower Blenny
Since we ran out pretty quick last week we decided to do these guys again!
Yellow Watchman Goby
Sadly limited as 100s of these were tan this week and we only wanted the yellow ones!
Mandarin Goby
With a free 1/2 portion of pods! Lets get them of to a good start! We did get some huge ones in as well, but they are not on sale.
Sixline Wrasse
A very useful fish in the reef aquarium, but can turn into a little bully!
Red Sand Hopper
These fish have been awesome lately! Reef safe, colorful, comical, and fun to watch!
Bicolor Blenny
Great looking batch with some GREAT color! I wish they always looked this nice!
We have had quite a few requests for the regular size guys after last weeks minis. This are looking great!
White Sleeper Goby
A great sand sifter that stays low in the aquarium, good for you corals well being!
Tube Anemones
Regular size, not the jumbos we had last week, but a better choice for most aquarists!
Valentine Puffer
Always a popular item on sale! Cute and curious, and not a horrible choice as a reef puffer, but they may behave badly!
Melanarus Wrasse
Overall a great reef picker! Picks at all kinds of undesirable critters, but may bother clean up crew too! Good reef size this week.
Bubble Anemone
A GREAT looking batch with some GREAT size! Nicest we have seen in a while!
Frilly Sponge
A great, HARDY sponge from Africa that looks awesome! Limited.
Vase Sponge
Another great sponge from Africa, a little less hardy, but not too challenging for the average reef! Limited.
Dispar Anthias
A great looking batch I wave been watching for three weeks! Eating great and looking awesome!
Yellow Tang
The classic, Kona Gold! Always popular and one of the most recognizable reef aquarium fish!
Midas Blenny
One of the coolest fish you could ever add to an aquarium! A pleasure to have and very hardy!

Carl Eby 
Fintastic Aquariums