Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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Wow, it is hard to believe Santa will be coming down the chimney next week! This week we have a bunch of great stuff in stock just in case Santa wants to take a second to enjoy your aquarium!! Aussie corals have been very nice again this week and we did receive another batch a Vietnamese zoas as well, they were just sooo nice last week!

Seahorses should be in stock early Friday morning, just in time for the weekend! Our favorite supplier and as always, very popular!

This week Hawaii was was looking great so we did scoop up some great looking fish from that location! The Blue Hippo Tangs look perfect and in two sizes, a win win for everybody!

Next week we will be closed Christmas Day, and we will have an odd shipment schedule, but we should have a bunch of orders coming in all the same! 

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you!
T.R. Seahorses
The best of the best, but as always, limited! Eat frozen foods!
Biocube Raffle
And the winner is...............Ashley J!! Congrats! We do have extra biocubes in stock!
Algagen Live Feed
25% Off
The freshest food you can feed your tank! Corals love it!!
Galaxy Coral
$5.00 Frags
A moderate grower, with a strong sting that can be useful!
Vietnam Zoas
$5.00 Frags
Great looking batch with 5 or 6 different color morphs available!
Long Tentacle Duncan
$8.00 Per Polyp
These guys are pretty sweet! Limited, but super long tentacles!
Blue Leg Hermit Crab
$.60 10+
Great for picking algae out of all of the little nooks and crannies in a reef aquarium!
Astrea Snails
$.60 10+
The overall backbone of clean up crews! The first line of defense against algae problems!
Margarita Snails
$.70 10+
Always popular, and pretty good at turning themselves over on the sand!
Red Leg Hermit Crabs
$.70 10+
A little larger species of dwarf hermit, and being so can eat more algae!
Peppermint Shrimp
Back by popular demand! Always good for aiptasia control!
Emerald Crab
Great for algae control! These guys and gals will rip up all types of macro algae!
Halloween Hermit
One of my favorite hermits! Sooo pretty, and some cool shells to boot!
Porcelain Crab
An awesome addition to any aquarium! Filter feeders that will scavenge leftovers too!
Bumble Bee Shrimp
It has been a little while since we had these cool little guys! Awesome in nanos!
Sexy Shrimp
Great looking and comical to watch! These will host anemones, but don't need them!
Fighting Conch
One of out favorite sand sifters, and lately we have had a great supply! 
Sand Sifting Starfish
Another great sand sifter, and this weeks batch looks great!
Yellow Gorgonian
Great looking batch, and awesome hitching posts for seahorses!
Tree Sponge
Very popular last week, so we got another batch. Red, yellow, and orange all in stock!
Mandarin Goby
Super looking batch! Great size and weight!
Bangaii Cardinal
A great looking batch at a great price! Always popular!
Small Cleaner Shrimp
I would never have believed that we could consistently offer great cleaner shrimp at this price, but here they are! 
Flasher Wrasse
Sweet looking batch of little guys from Sri Lanka. While they do tend to be small, they have awesome color!
Diamond Goby
The most popular sleeper goby, running good size this week!
Yellow Headed Sleeper
A great, active sand cleaner! Very nice looking batch!
Small Orange Shoulder Tang
At this size they are still all yellow. Great little algae eaters and overall a hardy tang!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
The big boys! Always popular in their little Santa outfits!
Hawaiian Puffer
I think we have only done these once before! Very similar to a Valentine puffer, but with a lot more orange!
Fire Shrimp
Always popular, always bright! A true cleaner shrimp that is a little lazy in the aquarium!
Hawaiian Hippo Tang
About perfect size! Not too big, not too small! From Hawaii, an awesome location for these guys!
4 Line Wrasse
A fish we rarely get, an hardly ever more than one! Limited, but so nice!
Large Hawaiian Hippo Tang
These guys look great and are eating well!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums