Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

The Treasure Coast's #1 aquarium store.

Wow, 10 years!!!! It is hard to believe it has been that long. Over the years a lot of things have changed, we even had freshwater for the first 5 years! We obviously could not do it without you, our customers, so this weekend we want to give something back, well, actually a whole lotta things back!!!

We are going to start of with a brand new shiny 32 LED Biocube!! We have one to give away this weekend to one luck customer!! We also have a frozen foods, a refractometer, gift cards, two part sets, mag floats..........and a bunch of other stuff to give away! We are going to do the old raffle ticket routine where you will receive a raffle ticket for every $25.00 spent! Tickets will only be given out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the winners will be drawn next Thursday, September 1. By limiting the time we are offering tickets we are hoping to maximize everyone's chances of winning, and there are a bunch of awesome prizes. Good luck!

Just to make sure everyone is a winner, a few of our favorite manufacturers have offered us a ton of great stuff to give away! We have hundreds of bottles of additives to give away! When you spend over $25.00, not only will you get your first raffle ticket, but a bottle of some awesome sauce (Purple Up, Reef Complete, Fuel, or Marine Buffer)!!

Storm season is here and it looks like a wet weekend. This time of year we typically put our battery powered back up air pumps on sale, and we have a batch just for that! These are a great piece of mind this time of year and are capable of keeping your wet friends alive and healthy during short power outages! A pair of D batteries will provide life supporting oxygen to your fish, corals, and inverts for about 48 hours. The nice thing about these pumps is, you do not have to be home to turn it on, they sense the power outage from the socket and turn on themselves!! We do recommend you try it first just to play safe.

We have some great specials running this weekend too!! 25% off all frozen food, better than usual frag selection and specials, and tons of livestock!! Fish, inverts, and corals, many specials, and many chances to win some great prizes!! What a great way to celebrate 10 years in business!!

There most likely will be a few more goodies on sale this week too, we are just waiting for confirmation. Please call or check our Facebook page for any updates!!

We would like to thank all of our customers for making us the Treasure Coast's favorite marine aquarium store! Without the support from you this would never have been possible. Have a great weekend, stay dry, and as always, we hope to see you!


10 Year Anniversary Raffle
Awesome prizes, and lots of them! 32 gallon LED Biocube is the grand prize, with many other awesome prizes including frozen foods, chemical additives, a refractometer, MagFloats, gift certificates, and more!! Each $25.00 spent receives one entry! Good luck!
We have hundreds of things to give away! Thanks to a few of our favorite manufacturers and distributors. Every customer that spends $25.00 or more is a winner!
All Frozen Food
25% Off
Sweet! Stock up the freezer without stressing the pocket! Fully stocked and ready to go!
Battery Air Pumps
25% Off
A great piece of mind for a minimal investment, even cheaper on sale! Every aquarist needs at least one! Piece of mind for under $10.00!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
The freshest, the best, the one and only! A great treat for any aquarium!
Green Ricordea
Great looking batch, nice and bright!! Super sale!
Green Star Polyps
$5.00 Frags
An old favorite that is right at home in many peoples reef tanks. Loved for fast growth!
Duncan Coral
$5.00 Per Polyp
A great grower for a stoney coral, and nice long tentacles! As beautiful as a torch but hardier!
Galaxy Coral
$5.00 Frags
A piece we love to help control the growth of other corals! A strong sting that very few corals can withstand!
Candy Coral
$5.00 Frags
Another classic coral that everyone loves to grow! Hardy and pretty!
Cinnamon Polyps
2 for $5.00
Great looking coral that we do not see too often. A few color varieties to choose from!
Christmas Favia
$5.00 Frags
Merry.........oops, wrong time of year, lol. A great colorful coral that grows well and is a great entry point to brain corals.
Premium Zoas
$10.00 Frags
Buy 2 Get One Free 
Some nice looking Indo Zoas, a few varieties to choose from!
Chalice Coral
$10.00 Frags
Great corals that usually are best in the lower light areas of the aquarium. Great growers and awesome color!
Super Rhodactis
$10.00 Per Polyp
We love these guys! Awesome color and undemanding, great for beginners! 
Branching Lobo
$10.00 Frags
A favorite to frag, and a great way to add a Lobo to a smaller aquarium, or on a budget!
Sunset Monti
$10.00 Frags
An awesome coral that needs strong light to look it's best. These are not 100% colored but will be in about two weeks! 
Montipora Undata
$10.00 Frags
Another great Monti but limited this week. Awesome texture and detail!
Small Cerith Snails
$.25 each 10+
Awesome little cleaners that can get in all the nooks and crannies! Perfect for smaller aquariums and refugiums!
Astrea Snail
$.50 each 10+
The #1 grazing snail in the hobby! Hardy, great algae eaters, and tolerate warmer temperature than most other snails!
Margarita Snail
$.70 each 10+
The "smart" snail that is pretty good at flipping themselves over if the fall in the sand. Great algae eaters and best in aquariums 78 degrees or lower.
Large Cerith Snails
$.70 each 10+
A great snail for algae control and they tend to be very popular as a refugium snail as they can crawl through Chaeto with ease!
Flame Scallop
A great, bright, little filter feeder that will brighten up the nooks and crannies of your reef! They can move to where they like!
Banded Serpent Star
Great behind the scene workers that will clean up in the back for you. This species stays smaller and is fish safe.
T.R. Ocellaris
Super sale to help celebrate 10 years! Nemo never goes out of style and is super hardy!
Scooter Blenny
A great reef fish and a hardier version of the mandarin. Will usually accept frozen food well and is the hardiest of the dragonets.
Pom Pom Crab
Cool little crabs, well this week they are larger than usual! These guys really shine in nano aquariums!
Bar Goby
A great schooling dartfish. Grow much larger than firefish and are super hardy!
Sand Sifting Starfish
These have been in short supply lately but we did get in a nice batch Wednesday. 
Neon Goby
The hardiest of the cleaner fish, these guys are great defense against fish disease.
Mandarin Goby
One of everyone's favorite reef fish! Colorful and peaceful, but need a mature tank with natural foods to do well.
Small Cleaner Shrimp
In pairs these guys will set up cleaning stations and entice fish to visit so they can jump on and pick off dead skin and parasites. Pretty cool!
Orange Gorgonian
Very nice looking batch with mostly larger sizes. Filter feeders that love flow!
Pygmy Angel
Probably the most reef safe dwarf angel, and most peaceful! Great little fish!
Sixline Wrasse
One of the most useful reef fish, but they can get a little testy! Pretty and hardy, great at picking away problem animals!
Hoover vacuum cleaners for hair algae! Remember, when they have done the job to feed them, hand them to another aquarist, or bring them back as they will pass away quickly without having food.
Spiny Boxfish
Limited. Awesome fish that have HUGE personality, but are not reef safe. Grow large!
Diamond Goby
Small $14.00
Medium $16.00
A favorite of many a reefer, great for keeping the sand clean, actually, the best!
Starry Blenny
Wow, these guys have some beef to them this week! Huge size in an awesome fish that we do not see too often!
Purple Queen Anthia
A delicate fish that will do best in mature, peaceful, reef aquariums. These are challenging and require great nutrition!
Purple Firefish
A great reef fish with some awesome color! Shy, but will school with other firefish and really shows off in smaller aquariums!
Female Lyretail Anthia
A good few left from last week. Great schooling fish! Looking and eating great!
Fire Shrimp
A favorite and looking great! Bright red with white spots, a cleaner shrimp that is pretty lazy in that regard!
Springer's Dottyback
A really cool Red Sea native, these guys are from ORA and look great! While tenacious, they are great for eating bristle worms!
Male Lyretail Anthias
An awesome fish from Africa that will school with a host of females or is OK alone. Great color!
Dracula Goby
A really cool fish at an awesome price! One of the coolest watchman gobies. Great size!
T.R. Rose Bubble
These are not the ORA rose bubbles we had, but tank raised and at a great price for the size! Awesome hosts for clownfish!
Saddle Grouper
Only one, this is the king of all groupers! We have only had 6 in 10 years.
XXL Naso Tang
We were supposed to get these last week. Show size and well acclimated to aquarium life!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums