Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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Congrats Rob T. for winning the AI Prime light! It is at the shop ready for you whenever we see you next!

This week we have some great specials and a few awesome animals we do not see very often! Tassle Filefish, a good few of them are in stock! More than we have ever seen yet alone had at one time! What an awesome fish, and mostly mediums in stock!

Seachem's Marine Salt is on sale this weekend, while supplies last. It has been a little while since we bought enough to put on sale, but we have had many requests so we decided to run it this weekend!

We we had some Koozies printed up, it has been nine years since the last batch, and will be giving them away to anyone that purchases something in a bottle or jar. They are great quality neoprene, a great way to keep your favorite beverage cool on a hot day!

Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!
Free Koozie


With purchase of anything in a bottle or jar! Great for keeping those beverages cool on the hot days to come!! Limit 1 per customer.
Algaegen Live Feeds
25% Off
Yummy! PODS and phytoplankton! It doesn't get any fresher than live!
Seachem Marine Salt
$12.50 50 Gallon Mix
$40.00 200 Gallon Mix
The new formula is by far one of the best salts on the market! Compare to $70.00 online! Limited and while supplies last.
Red Monti Cap
$5.00 Frags
A little richer in color than we usually have, very nice!
Meteor Shower Cyphastrea
$5.00 Frags
Always a fan favorite! Great color and very hardy! 
Duncan Coral
$6.00 Per Polyp
Great looking batch! From single to quad!
$75.00 Each
Large A grade and smaller ultra grade! Great looking and insane value!
Emerald Crab
Great pickers! Always fond of hair algae!
Mexican Turbo
Great looking large batch! Great algae eaters!
Variable Urchin
A great variety of colors! Great algae eaters!
Horseshoe Crab
These guys have been flying out of here lately so we brought in another batch! Great sand sifters!
Yellow Clown Goby
Nice looking batch of larger one! Bright!
Feather Duster
Tons to choose from and some cool colors!
Firefish Goby
Great looking batch! Schoolers that like to be in odd number groups!
Sand Sifting Starfish
Best looking batch we have had in a while! Very active!
Rhino Blenny
A comical little fish we do not see too often! 
T.R. Ocellaris
Nemo! The quality of fish from this distributor has been great! Color and size are just about perfect!
Mandarin Goby
Nice looking batch of medium to large! 
Black Edge Eel
A great eel that does stay under two feet! Like other eels, can eat what will fit in his mouth!
Blue Spot Seahare
Medium size, perfect for most aquariums! Great for hair algae!
Bangaii Cardinal
Very nice looking batch, eating well!
Psychedelic Mandarin
Groovy dude, great company while listening to acid rock!
Red Linkia Starfish
These guys have just been too nice to pass up! Another great looking batch!
Red or African Coris
A great fish that is not great in reefs. Awesome color and just get nicer with age!
Medium Cleaner Shrimp
Not the little guys, but not the jumbos either!
Red/Yellow Feather Duster
An awesome duster and a nice batch of large one!
Coco Worm
Awesome looking batch! We are pretty feathery this week!
Casino Fish
A great looking batch, and plenty of them this week! Awesome fish and good sand cleaners!
Fire Shrimp
Nice and bright, always popular! 
Medium Sailfin Tang
Great looking batch! Great size and color!
Carpenter's Flasher
Super nice looking batch of males from Indonesia! 
Rose Bubble Anemone
Officially the lowest price we have ever had! Great looking batch!
Mini Red Carpet
We only got a couple of these, and haven't had any in years! Super hardy!
Naoko's Fairy Wrasse
Again the lowest price we have ever had, and a SUPER nice batch!
Tassle Filefish
I think it has been a year or better since we have had one, and this week we got eight! Awesome fish, will not be around long!

Carl Eby 
Fintastic Aquariums