Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This week has been a great week for livestock so far with a bunch of shipments already in, and more on the way!

A huge coral order has brought back the $20.00 and $30.00 coral tubs with some great diversity in each! I would say a total of about 80 pieces available in this price range with highlights including Neon Glove Polyps, Open Brains, tons of different polyps, leathers, carnations, Alveopora, shrooms, and many, many more! Full colonies!!

Some great looking coral frags this week, and some great acans are coming in but I don't have any pictures to send of them.  The best selection of frags will be available late Friday and earlySaturday! There is a chance we will be getting a few more pieces from ORA as well, maybe a couple clams, but it is still in the air, give a call if you have any questions!

Fish are looking great this week with some awesome specials we don't see too often and even one or two that are a first this week! Hawaii and Sri Lanka are the highlights this week with a decent showing from Africa and Indonesia!

Last minute note on fish, we do have a few AWESOME Aussie fairy wrasses coming in today, se below for details!

We are fully loaded with inverts, ranging from you basic grazers to Sexy Shrimp, a little bit of everything!

Have a good weekend and stay warm!!! As always we hope to see you!!!
ORA Corals And Clams
Starting At $25.00
Another large shipment came inMonday, and it looks great! Still available, Blue Millipora, Blue/Green Acro, Peach Digitata, Valida, Clams, and more!
$20 Coral Tub
Great looking mix! Picture is of actual tub!
$30 Coral Tub
A little nicer with a great selection! Picture of actual tank!
Blue Green Sympodium
$5.00 Frags
An awesome coral that looks like a blue and green snowflake!
Green Star Polyps
$5.00 Frags
It has been a while since we had enough of these to add to the list!
Yellow Center Buttons
These are the nicest, largest buttons we have seen in a long time!
Neon Green Favites
$5.00 Frags
Super bright and have a great looking maze brain pattern!
Red People Eaters
$7.00 Frags
Always a great coral! Very nice looking batch!
Blue Zippers
$7.00 Frags
A first here, we received two colonies, and they are different!
Free Portion Of Algagen Live Feed!
With any coral colony purchase or 4 or more frags! Help the new guys get established!
Astrea Snails
$.50 10+
$35.00 For 100
As always a great supply that we get by the thousands! The most widely used algae eating snail!
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 10+
Running good size still, great for picking in the tight spots!
Margarita Snail
$.70 10+
Pretty goo at flipping themselves back over! Prefer water temps of 78 or less.
Small Nassarius
$.70 10+
Great little sand sifters and overall a great way to clean up a little!
Mexican Turbo
Medium to jumbo in stock! Only about 100 or so.
Emerald Crab
Lots of red ones this time of year, something a little different, just as good at eating algae!
Halloween Hermit
A personal favorite, awesome color and reef safe!
San Sifting Cucumber
A great way to get behind the rocks to help eat some of that organic material!
Lettuce Nudi
Shell less snails with a great appetite! They are photosynthetic too!
Horse Shoe Crab
It has been a while! Always popular, very active, great cleaners, but will grow!
XL Feather Dusters
These guys are looking AWESOME this week! Larger than usual!
Sexy Shrimp
These guys have a cult following! Always popular in smaller aquariums and will host in anemones and corals!
Bumble Bee Shrimp
A great alternative to harlequin shrimp for starfish control! They will accept other foods too, and are hardy!
Bar Goby
A great dartfish that gets to a pretty goo size and schools well!
Mandarin Goby
Due in Friday, always a popular reef fish! We do recommend larger established aquariums!
Bangaii Cardinal
A small price increase, but they are looking great! Always a fav!
Small Cleaner Shrimp
Great looking batch, very active and priced great!
Yellow Coris
Limited supply this week. A great reef picker when young!
Talk about ugly! These guys are cool, and have some flashy fins!
White Sleeper Goby
Great sand sifters, and stay low when cleaning the sand, ideal for reef aquariums!
Red Linkia Starfish
These were an unadvertised special last week (i forgot) and we sold out fast so here is round two, great looking batch!
Diamond Goby
It has been a while since we have had many of these. On the smaller side but looking good!
Bubble Tip Anemone
Nice batch of mediums, we were shorted some last week but are making it up this week!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
Great animals, especially this time of year when temperature fluctuations can lead to a little bit of ick!
Sunset Anthias
$18.00 3+
A fish we see so infrequently, it took a little investigating to figure out what they are.Pseudanthias parvirostris! 
Female Lyretail Anthia
$18.00 3+
Great looking batch of mediums! Our regular guest anthia. Eating and acting well!
Fire Shrimp
Wonderful looking batch! Always popular, always bright!
Male Lyretail Anthia
Smaller than usual but looking awesome! Limited, we only get about 1/4 of these in ratio to females!
T.R. Pompano
Wow, awesome larger batch! So fun to watch and add a lot of activity to larger tanks!
Lined Tamarin Wrasse
An unusual fish for special as we never seem to see enough to advertise. Similar to leopard wrasse in care and hardiness.
Medium Yellow Tang
Great looking batch! Some smaller, some larger, all looking great!
Flame Angel
Round two as last week these were really popular! This will be the last time in a while!
Small Blonde Naso
A great looking batch of little guys, but limited! Eating well and acting perfect!
Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse
Limited, but a fish we just do not get very often anymore! The good news is they are about $30.00 this week! Great reef fish!
Labout's Fairy Wrasse
A personal favorite, and I don't believe we have had one in three to four years! Limited!
Scott's Fairy Wrasse
The largest of the wrasses coming in, and always super nice from Aussie!
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
The Holy Grail of the fairy wrasses, and an awesome reef fish! Limited!

Carl Eby 
Fintastic Aquariums