Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This week we received some awesome looking Acans, a goo number of them to boot! Ultras and Rainbows and frags will be available of all colonies! Some really sweet reds, oranges, and blues, with some really interesting colors variants I have never seen before! Frags will be starting at $10.00!

Our regular coral frags will be available for $5.00 this weekend with buy 2 get 1 free again! This will be the last time we can do this for a while, so take advantage of it while it is here!

We do have a very nice selection of fish this week with some animals making our special list that we do not see too often! Inverts and corals are looking great too with a great big batch of Blue Linkia starfish from Fiji! These guys are the hardiest you can get and if you ever wanted one, these are the best of the best!

Have a great weekend and we hope see you!
LRS Reef Frenzy
25% Off
One of our favorite foods! Super fresh and a little bit of everything for all your fish and coral nutrition!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
A great addition to any aquarium! Top quality live foods that fish and coral find irresistible!
Indo Premium Live Rock
$6.50 lb
Fully cured, and awesome shapes and sizes! We have a ton coming in so if you are looking for that special piece, stop on by! 
Regular Coral Frags
Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Ok, $10.00 for three frags, awesome! Selection will be best late Friday, early Saturday!
Aquacultured Hammer and Frogspawn
$10.00 Per Polyp
Limited, but super healthy and great sizes!
Ultra and Rainbow Acans
Starting at $10.00
Super nice! Some pieces with 6 polyps for $10, wow!
Blue Leg Hermits
Running good size right now! Minimum of 10.
Astrea Snail
The backbone of most clean up crews! Great for algae control and prevention! Minimum of 10.
Brittle/Serpent Starfish
Great scavengers and help keep nutrients down! A little shy, but very useful!
Flame Scallop
Always bright! Great looking batch!
Peppermint Shrimp
A little limited this week, but always popular! Great for Aiptasia control!
Springer's Damsel
From the Marshall Islands, and a great fish that eats flatworms! Awesome!
Porcelain Crab
We ran out quick last week! This week we got three times as many this go round! Great little reef critters!
Lawnmower Blenny
Great looking batch! Small to large!
Royal Gramma
Always popular, and a great fish, even in smaller aquariums! 
Red Scooter Blenny
A great, hardy little dragonette! Usually accepts frozen food well!
Juvenile Creole Wrasse
These are awesome! A schooling fish that looks like an Anthia and is super hardy and cheap! I wish we had more!
Leopard Wrasse
Limited, and not always hardy. Come by late in the afternoon when they wake up!
Blue Linkia Starfish
From Fiji with love! We haven't had the Fijian ones in about six months! The hardiest, and the largest batch we have ever gotten!
Bubble Tip Anemone
Back by popular demand! Super nice looking batch!
Small Clown Tang
A super colorful fish! They do get aggressive like most other tangs, eating well!
Small Longnose Hawkfish
Such a great personality like all of the hawkfish! Smaller size equals great price!
Tank Raised Seahorses
Great looking patterns and looking great! 
Medium Clown Tang
Again, an awesome fish, does get large!
Small Hawaiian Hippo Tangs
The best, but a little costly! Eating great!
Small Sunburst Anthia
Super nice, eating well, and very hardy! Great reef fish even in nano tanks!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums