Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This week our special list is huge! Lots of great critters in stock, some special items we haven't seen in a while, and a few that are back by popular request!

This week we are raffling off a pair of Premium Photon Clownfish, you get a free ticket with every purchase of $20.00 or more, and as an alternative prize, a pack of Larry's Reef Frenzy if you don't think the clownfish will fit in! 

Vietnam zoas and combos are back in stock in quantity and boy are they a sight. Affordable, hardy, and beautiful! Mostly Eagle Eyes and Dragon Eyes, but way too many different types to identify them all here!! Some phenomenal NATURAL combo rocks as well with some insane shrooms and up to five different types of zoas! If we can, we will try to offer some half pieces for half price!

We did receive another shipment of awesome clownfish this week and we are swimming with pairs of premiums, too many to list, but if you have any questions just give a call!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you!
Pair Of Photon Clowns
Raffle Prize!
Free ticket with purchase of $20.00 or more! As they mature they become more black and look similar to very nice wild true Perculas. Alternate prize, a pack of Reef Frenzy!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
A fan favorite, and for good reason! As fresh as it gets from the best algae farm!
I.C. Gel
25% Off
Still considered the best glue on the market! Place it in the freezer between uses to extend life!
$5.00 Portions
Raised at Algagen, parasite free! We love this stuff but they do not always have enough available! Loaded with PODS.
Vietnam Zoas
$5.00 Frags
Always bright, always popular! Great looking batch this week! Frags will be available Friday afternoon.
Sun Coral
$5.00 Frags
These guys can be trained to open during the day, and feeding is a must!
Coral Frags
$5.00 Each
But 2 get 1
We should have a few more available come Friday evening Saturday morning!
Vietnam Zoa Colonies
Best looking batch we have had in a while! Great variety!
Vietnam Combo Rock
Only a half a dozen or so left, but simply awesome!
Astrea Snails
$.35 25+
OK, OK, OK, we ran out last week and there was almost a riot, so they are back! Minimum of 10.
Blue Leg Hermits
$.50 each
$.35 each 25+
These are running larger than usual this week! We ran out of these guys last week too, so here is a few thousand more! Minimum of 10.
Cerith Snail
By multiple requests, we are only getting a few hundred in. Minimum of 10.
Sand Sifting Cucumbers
A popular, passive way to help keep the sandbed clean! Ingest dirty sand, excrete clean!
Flame Scallop
Colorful and always popular! Do well in well feed reef tanks!
Halloween Hermt
Personally one of my favorite hermit crabs! Really cool and colorful!
Shaving Brush
A great ornamental algae that tangs will eat. Good for seahorses too!
Deco Crab
A great, cryptic little critter that provide hours of fun to watch!
Jumbo Lettuce Nudi
Running as large as I have ever seen them! Very nice looking batch!
Arrow Crab
From small to large, we have you covered! Great preventative maintenance against bristle worms!
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Active little buggers! Run around and good for scavenging!
Coral Banded Shrimp
A classic reef aquarium animal! Peaceful but do not like others of the same species unless added as a pair.
Feather Duster
Great looking batch! Always a popular little filter feeder!
Large Citron Goby
The largest clown gobies we have had in a long time, years. Greenish in color and looking great!
Lawnmower Blenny
A great way to help rid yourself of unwanted fleshy algae! Can get aggressive towards other blennies.
Nano Ocellaris Clown
So little, so cute! About 3/4" long, tank raised and looking great!
Mandarin Goby
Such a great fish so long as it is added to a large, established reef. Needs live foods!
Ocellaris Clown
Perfect looking batch, about 1 and 1/4-1/2". Nemo!
Bangaii Cardinal
Great looking batch! A great fish to use for schooling or breeding!
Coral Banded Shrimp
The only way to add more than one and not have a war! A great looking addition!
Red And Yellow Feather Duster
The best price we have ever had on these! Awesome looking dusters!
Orangemarked Goby
We do not get these often, but they are great sand sifters! Less likely to starve or jump than a diamond goby!
Dispar Anthia
One of the classic anthias that we simply do not see as many of anymore. Eating great!
Valentine Puffer
Ok, while not "reef safe", these are the puffers that everyone puts in their reef tanks!
Small Orange Shoulder Tang
Nice, bright, and eating great! Don't let them fool you, they do grow fast!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
Always popular! A great looking batch! Good size!
Purple Flasher Wrasse
GREAT reef wrasses! These guys are very large for fairy wrasses!
Tank Raised Seahorses
The best price we have been able to get in a while! They are small, but eating frozen great!
Nearly Naked Ocellaris
Shhhh, don't tell them!
Small Foxface
Back by popular request! Great looking batch! Great algae eaters!
S-M Orange Shoulder Tang
Adult colors starting or already present! From about 3"-5".
Clown Fairy Wrasse
Stellar looking batch! Great size and color!
Large Yellow Anthias
These are leftover from last week. Doing great and awesome looking, last chance!
Medium Foxface
The next size up, for larger tanks and larger tank mates!
A Grade Davinci Clown
Super nice looking fish, one of my favorite clowns I have seen in a while!
Clownfish Pairs
Starting at $50.00
A great bunch to choose from, from the ordinary, to the extraordinary! 

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums