Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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Hey guys, Joffie said thank you to so many of you for stopping by to say "Hi", and would like to buy you guys some snails for stopping by! What a love!

This week we brought in a new aquaculture breeder and boy are we impressed! Sea and Reef is a marine aquaculture facility in Maine, yes Maine, and having heard wonderful things about them we decided to give them a try to get a few new things in, and some new things we did get! Lightning Maroon Clowns, while there may not be any left come Friday, they were awesome! That said, there are still plenty of other cool clowns here, from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Last week we had a few technical difficulties in the fragging department, and a fish that developed a taste for Acans! We apologize we were not able to get to all the corals we wanted to, but it is a new week so keep your eyes out for some great frags and unadvertised frag specials this week!

Lots of great specials this week including Larry's LRS Reef Frenzy, one of our most popular foods!

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you!
Joffie Wants To Buy You Some Snails!!
Get 5 Free Snails With Any Purchase of $10.00 Or More!
Larry's Reef Frenzy
25% Off
One of the most popular, cleanest foods we carry! Great for fish, corals, and inverts!
Instant Ocean Salt
$10.00 For 50 Gallon Mix
A great salt, at a great price! While supplies last!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Phyto, rotifers, and PODS, yummy! A great treat for any aquarium!
S&R Ocellaris Clownfish
Small to medium in size, great in color and looking super healthy! Nemo from the north!
S&R Large Black Misbar Ocellaris
Stunning! Jet black and great size! Misbar adds a little "personal flair"!
S&R Small Snowflake Ocellaris
Yes, each one is very unique, like the namesake they are named from! Really nice, and a price you can't beat!
S&R Large Black Darwin Ocellaris
Jet black and great size! Simply lovely!
S&R Medium B Grade DaVinci Ocellaris
Some of the coolest Ocellaris we have seen in a long time! They keep the classic look, and add a little character!
Assorted Premium Clownfish And Dottyback Pairs
Starting at $45.00! Limited! Orchid Dottyback, Gladiator Ocellaris, Spotcinctus, Wyoming White, and Premium Black Ice!
Neon Candy Coral
$5.00 Frags

Very nice looking batch! A very hardy coral that grows wonderfully in captivity!
Hammers and Frogspawns and Torches Oh My!
$10.00 Per Polyp
There will be a GREAT selection late Friday!
XL Aussie Elegance Coral


The best of the best and the largest of the largest! Have been in captivity for 6 weeks and well adapted!
Astrea Snails
$.50 Each
$.35 Each 50+
The old faithful of cleaner snails! Minimum of 10.
Blue Leg Hermits
$.50 Each
Great for picking away unwanted algae! Minimum of 10.
Black Turbo
$.75 Each
It has been a little while since we had these! Just like Margaritas, but black and shiny! Min of 5.
Red Leg Hermits
A little larger version of hermit crab that is capable of doing more work due to the size! Min of 5.
Polka Dot Hermit
These guys went fast last week, and for good reason, they are awesome!
Shaving Brush
Nice looking batch this week! Great for seahorses or as an accent piece!
Green Ricordea
A classic! Hardy and spread well!
Arrow Crab
Great for bristle worm control and reef safe!
Alleni Damsel
Beautiful but modestly aggressive. Great for larger tanks!
Porcelain Crab
These guys have been a huge hit lately, and we are happy to have them again! Awesome reef critters!
M-XL Mandarin Goby
A little mix of medium, large. and extra large! Great looking batch!
Bangaii Cardinal
A Friday arrival, always popular and it has been a little while since we have gotten soo many!
Dusky Jawfish
Small to medium size, and really cool! I think a first on special! 
Small Cleaner Shrimp
Little guys, doing great, and what a price!
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Great looking batch of great little bug pickers in reef tanks! Will get larger and may eat hermit crabs!
Red Coris Wrasse
Awesome looking fish that are not reef safe! When they are small they are usuall well behaved, but as they grow.......
Diamond Goby
Small $14.00
Med-Large $18.00
We should have plenty of smaller ones but are limited on the larger guys!
African Frilly Sponge
Really nice, super hardy! Limited supply as we sold a lot of these Thursday.
Red And Yellow Feather Duster
Awesome feather dusters from Indonesia. About as colorful as you can get for a feather duster!
Purple Firefish
Larger than usual this week, and eating well!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
Try phrases like: dramatic Most of these guys are jumbo! Great looking batch!
Fire Shrimp
Awesome, bright batch! Mostly large with small or medium mixed in!
Clown Fairy Wrasse
Wow, the nicest looking batch we have had in a very long time! Large, colorful, and eating great!

Carl Eby 
Fintastic Aquariums