Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

The Treasure Coast's #1 aquarium store.

Livestock is looking great this week! One large shipment Wednesday, another coming Friday, and corals coming Saturday morning! There is a great looking mix of animals from all over the world with some oddballs coming in Friday that we don't usually see! We are running a little behind this morning so for the sake of time, we won't elaborate too much, but there is a great list of specials below!

We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and as always, we hope to see you!
25% Off
A simple, yet great tool for acclimating new livestock! Easy to use and helps eliminate human error!
Seachem NutriDiet
25% Off
One of the best flake foods available, designed and made by one of the best companies in the hobby!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Free 1/2 Portion
Free half portion with purchase of any coral colony or three frags!
Neon Green Striped Favia
$10.00 Frags
Pretty sweet looking piece that has the Mayan Sundial/Purple Virus look in a neon green variant! Cool!
Red Eye Blue Favia
$10.00 Frags
A personal favorite favia we only see from time to time. These are deeper water corals so indirect lighting is best!
Gold Splatter Blasto
$15.00 Per Polyp
A piece that came in a month and a half ago and needed a rest. It is ready to go and looking great!
Pink And Yellow Blasto
$20.00 Per Polyp
This piece came in at the same time as the splatter and also needed a rest. Perfectly stabilized now and a rare color morph!
Extra Coral Specials
We are picking up some corals on Saturday and many of them will make it to the special board! Call or check Facebook Saturday afternoon!
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 each 10+
Small but mighty! These guys are the best for Byropsis and other types of algae!
Astrea Snail
$.50 each 10+
The most popular grazer snail, and very good at helping to keep the glass and rocks clean!
Red Leg Hermit
$.70 each 10+
The big guys and are great for fast algae removal! Always popular!
Large Cerith Snail
$.70 each 5+
The most popular refugium snail, great for stirring sand and eating algae! Perfect for display aquariums too!
Blue Eye Hermit
A larger reef hermit and good for algae control! Beautiful blue eyes!
Mexican Turbo
Mostly medium this week with a few larger ones mixed in. Great algae eaters!
Banded Serpent Star
These guys stay pretty small and are great scavengers! Some really cool red and green morphs too!
Emerald Crab
An old favorite for algae control! Great for all types of algae!
Peppermint Shrimp
Running large right now and great for eating Aiptasia! Great looking batch!
Sand Sifting Cucumber
A cool range of colors and sizes, great cleaners!
Halloween Hermit
Great size this week, but limited. A personal favorite hermit crab!
Flame Scallop
NICE! There are some whales in this batch and overall some of the nicest we have had!
Yellow Belly Damsel
A great way to add some nice color in a schooling fish! They are moderately aggressive so the tankmates should be selected accordingly.
Coral Banded Shrimp
A classic marine aquarium animal, and a range of sizes!
Engineer Goby
One of the hardest working fish available! These guys will keep your sand bed clean but do grow rather large and look like eels!
Fancy Nudis
Beautiful but delicate. These guys eat sponge so a healthy reef may suffice to feed them.
Firefish Goby
A great schooling fish that needs no introduction. Peaceful and 100% reef safe!
Feather Duster
Great looking batch, and these guys are BIG! 
Lawnmower Blenny
Running on the smaller side, but great algae eaters can comical to watch!
Spanish Dancer
A cool animal that does eat sponge and can be challenging to maintain long term. 
Indo Male Lyretail Anthia
The lowest price we have had on males ever! These are more pink and smaller than the African version of the same fish.
Red Coris Wrasse
Beautiful but not great reef fish. They do get large and have dramatic color change!
Green Coris Wrasse
A popular reef picking wrasse that is known to eat all kinds of pests, but as it grows it becomes more dangerous to hermits and snails.
Cleaner Shrimp
Medium $14.00
Large $20.00
Always a great reef animal! Cleans your fish and you when you put your hands in!
Blue Linkia Starfish
Nice smaller and medium size this week! Awesome color and great reef animals!
Blue Spot Seahare
These are our favorite hair algae removers! They can clean whole aquariums in a few days, but remember they need to be fed afterwards.
Small Mimic Tang
Bright yellow and looking great! Eating well and a easy tang to care for!
Sailfin Tang
Small $20.00
Medium $28.00
One of the most popular tangs, and a hardy fish. 
Small Naso Tang
Limited but eating and looking great! These do get large and impressive!
Bubble Tip Anemone
Nice mediums with purple bases from Bali! Great color and the best host for clownfish!
Fire Shrimp
Nice and bright! Great reef animals and always popular!
Small Longnose Hawkfish
Looking great and a really fun fish to watch! Limited as they are just getting back into season.
S-M Flame Fin Tang
A cool bristletooth tang that we do not have the chance to put on special very often. Great algae grazers!
Small Hippo Tang
Doing great, eating well, and pretty much on of the best looking batches we have had!
Small Yellow Tang
A classic and one of the most recognizable marine fish ever! 
Medium Foxface
One of the best algae eating fish available, and one of the few that will eat bubble algae too!
ML Powder Blue Tang
Eating great and nice and fat! Great looking batch from Sri Lanka!
Small Clown Trigger
Limited but looking awesome! Great color and perfect size to start out! We do have a few larger ones available too!
Blue Spot Jawfish
Limited, but a personal favorite at home and one of the coolest fish ever!
Pair Lightning Maroon Clowns
Wow, i remember a few years ago when these went for $400.00 each! Awesome fish with cool patterns! 
Mimic Octopus
Pretty cool animal and I don't think we have had one of these in at least 6-7 years! Only one.
Zebra Moray
Only one! A cool eel we do see too often. Usually mild mannered.
XL Hippo Tang
From Bali and BIG! Great looking fish, we usually do not see this size!

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