Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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Biocube raffle is back!! The raffle will be running for roughly one month and a ticket will be free for purchases of $25.00 or more!! Biocubes are great aquariums for beginners and are reef capable out of the box! Integrated filtration, high output lighting, and room for add on equipment like protein skimmers and UV lights! The raffle is for a brand new 29 Gallon Biocube, sweet!

This week we received some very nice animals so far and are expecting a few more shipments to be arriving Friday! Most everything should be here when we open with maybe a few exceptions.

 Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!!
Biocube Raffle
Free ticket with purchase of $25.00 or more! good luck, it is a sweet little tank!
IC Gel
25% Off
Sorry there was a mix up last week, but we do have it in stock now, twice as much as usual!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Try a combo back with phyto and pods! Yummy yummy!
Live Rock
$4.00 lb
Mixed types, tons in stock! Great deal!
Life Rock
CaribSea's awesome cultured live rock! Great color and shape!
Life Rock Branch
Awesome shapes to help build intricate structures, and great color!
Green Ricordea
Superb looking batch! Always popular and great growers!
Neon Green Galaxy Coral
$5.00 Frags
Much nicer and brighter than usual! Great coral to stem the growth of other corals!
Pink Birds Nest
$7.50 Frags
Nice size on these hardy SPS that grow very well!
Green Birds Nest
$7.50 Frags
Another version of a perennial favorite! Nice beefy frags and very hardy! 
Fox Coral
$7.50 Frags
A close relative of the bubble coral that is very hardy and fleshy!
Pink Panther Chalice
$7.50 Frag
Nice, really nice!  Brighter than usual, and overall looking really healthy!
Bubble Coral
$10.00 Frags
Such a nice way to get a smaller piece of bubble coral for a nano tank! These go quick!
Large Polyp Blasto Merletti
$10.00 Frags
A super beefy, aquacultured piece that has polyps that are big and sexy!
Aquacultured Green Tiger Plate Coral
Raised in captivity and looking great! An awesome piece for the sandbed!
Astrea Snail
$.50 10+
Always one of the most popular animals on the list, which is why we work hard to keep it here!
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 10+
Great for getting into all the little nooks and crannies for leftovers and algae!
Margarita Snails
$.70 10+
Better at turning themselves over than most other snails. Great algae eaters!
Emerald Crab
Always popular for algae control, and always in large quantities!
Flame Scallop
Pretty nice looking batch with some oddballs mixed in for good measure!
Variegated Urchin
Pink, purple, green, white, and combos of all the above! Great algae eaters for fish only tanks!
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Something we don't have too often. Reef safe with caution. Super active!
Assorted Nudis
There are some pretty cool ones here that I have never seen before! Really pretty and may eat algae, but most likely sponge.
Engineer Goby
Great diggers, and wonderful at keeping the sandbed clean!
Lawnmower Blenny
The good old fashion algae eater that has helped countless aquarists beat hair algae!
Tree Sponge
Another great looking, healthy batch this week. These have been very popular the last few weeks!
Bangaii Cardinal
Back for another round! These have been perfect lately!
Red Fromia Starfish
Very nice looking batch from Sri Lanka. Always popular and always bright!
White Sleeper Goby
Mostly mediums, just like diamond gobies but without the orange spots!
Falco Hawkfish
A beefy looking batch! Great personality like other hawkfish, and very hardy!
Red And Yellow Feather Duster
Great looking batch and running on the larger size! Awesome dusters!
Starry Blenny
A great algae eating blenny that is a little fancier than the regular lawnmower. Not a common fish.
Diamond Goby
Coming in Friday. The overall most popular reef sand cleaner!
Whipfin Fairy Wrasse
A smaller, very peaceful fairy wrasse. From Indonesia and looking great!
Flasher Wrasse
Great splashes of color, and peaceful! 100% reef safe!
Female Lyretail Anthia
Great looking batch and eating like pigs! A great schooling fish!
Casino Fish
These guys have gotten a little larger since last time we had them! Looking great!
Bubble Tip Anemone
I think this is the nicest looking batch we have had in a while! Great size and color! 
Ornate Leopard Wrasse
These guys took a while to acclimate, but are doing great! Eating well and up and about after their jet lag!
Convict Tang
A rare treat, at an awesome price! From Bali and doing great!
Medium Sailfin Tang
A great price on one of the hardiest, mellow tangs there is!
Sailfin Anthias
An oddball, and new to the hobby, well conditioned and eating great!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums