Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This week we welcome back one of our favorite specials, BOGO Hikari Mysis!! We have our largest supply ever. Hikari Mysis is the most popular marine aquarium food available, and for great reasons. Clean and full of good nutrients for fish and inverts, Hikari is also well priced and comes in a convenient blister cube pack for easy feeding!

This week we did get some corals in from a new shipper and are impressed with the offerings!! We still have two more shipments coming in with a lot of fish scheduled to arrive Friday, and the return of the best snail out there, the Zebra Turbo!! An awesome snail with some great size and a great ability to eat just about every type of algae they are likely to encounter!!

Specials this week are pretty broad and cover a lot of fish, corals, and inverts!! 

Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!


Hikari Mysis
Sweet!! Awesome!! Really!! All things we hear with this special! Friday-Sunday and limited to buy 2 get 2 Friday and buy 1 get 1 Saturday and Sunday. 
All Live Rock
$4.00 lb
A mixed bag with a ton available! Flesh in those spots that need a little or set up that new tank!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
The benefits of these feeds are amazing! Pods and phyto, yummy!
Galaxy Coral
$5.00 Frags
One of the most useful frags you can buy. These can me moved around as a mobile firing squad to help control the growth of other corals!
Pipe Organ Coral
$5.00 Frags
A beautiful coral that grows well and makes a cool red skeleton you may remember from shell shops as a kid!
War Coral
$5.00 Frags
A larger polyp style than usual. Nice reds and greens on this hardy, good growing coral!
Duncan Coral
$8.00 Per Polyp
A great growing coral that proves very hardy! Branching with long tentacles is always a hit!
Branching Lobo
$10.00 Frags
A great way to get a Lobo for smaller aquariums! Great coloration and slow growing!
Red And Yellow Goniopora
$10.00 Frags
These are really nice, really small polyps with awesome color! Encrusting species that is hardy.
Toxic Cyphastrea
Bright, you may need sunglasses! Great grower and an exceptional specimen!
Red And Silver Micromussa
A personal favorite coral. and a great looking specimen! Lower in the aquarium is best!
XL Frogspawn
$15.00 Per Polyp
Nice, meaty polyps. One of the hardiest Euphyllias available! 
Super Aussie Blasto
$15.00 Per Polyp
We haven't seen these in a while. A great coral that grows moderately fast.
Astrea Snail
$.50 each 10+
The most popular algae eating snail. Great workers that do well in warmer aquariums!
Blue Leg Hermit
$.50 each 10+
The most popular little picking hermit crab! Can get into all the nooks and crannies the snails pass over.
Scarlet Hermit
A popular hermit that runs a little larger than the blue legs. Great algae eaters and cool shells!
Zebra Turbo
These are the best algae eating snails we have ever come across, sadly we just do not see them often enough! Scoop them up while they are available!
Emerald Crab
Another notorious algae eater, and one we love to offer on sale!
Peppermint Shrimp
Aiptasia pickers at their finest! Great reef critters too!
Blue Knuckle Hermit
A medium size hermit that has bright blue flashes on the legs! Reef safe and great scavengers!
Flame Scallop
Bright little filter feeders that do need feeding, normal reef feeding will suffice. 
Variegated Urchin
Awesome algae eaters but not recommended for reef aquariums. Mostly purple this week with a few green and white too!
Horseshoe Crab
Smaller size this week, but looking awesome! Great sand sifters but they will grow large.
Lettuce Nudi
Awesome size this week! Photosynthetic and algae eaters, really cool reef animals!
Porcelain Crab
A really cool filter feeding crab that is also known as the anemone crab as they will host in anemones!
P.J. Cardinal
A great little reef fish that will school! Cool red spots and hover effortlessly in the water!
Coming in Friday, another great little reef fish that can school well!
Green Feather Duster
The first time we have ever had these in green! Really cool but sadly limited!
Sand Sifting Starfish
These have been great size the last couple weeks and this week is no exception! Very nice!
Purple Gorgonian
Another really nice looking batch! Great gorgonians that usually grow well and are photosynthetic! 
Pearly Jawfish
Awesome looking batch from the Keys! Vibrant color and perfect health!
Red Fromia Starfish
Nice looking specimens from Sri Lanka! We have had a lot of requests for these and have not been seeing them regularly. 
Black Sand Sifting Cucumber
These are probably the most active sand cleaning cucumbers! Good size this week!
Diamond Sleeper Goby
S-M $15.00
M-L $20.00
Another animal we get primarily from Sri Lanka and have not been seeing as many of the last few weeks. Great sand sifters!
Lg Citron Goby
From Fiji and always popular and nice! Awesome reef fish!
Small Panther Grouper
Cute little guys but getting limited at this point! They will grow large.
Melanarus Wrasse
Pretty and functional! Great pickers on bugs and things in reefs, but they will eat smaller hermit crabs! Great for flatworms.
Purple Firefish
On the smaller side this week, but looking great! Awesome colors on a great reef fish!
Convict Tang
Cute little guys! They do grow fast and are great algae eaters for reef aquariums!
Yellow Cubicus
S $20.00
M $25.00
These guys are comical to watch! Limited this week and they do grow large.
Lg Cleaner Shrimp
Always popular and do a great job cleaning fish in the aquarium! 
Small Porcupine Puffer
Another comical fish with incredible personality! These guys may need a little live food after moved.
Fire Shrimp
Small $16.00
Large $22.00
Sri Lanka's finest! Bright red, and while technically a cleaner shrimp they do not clean too often!
Bubble Tip Anemone
A range of colors and sizes this week! All looking great and doing well!
Yellow Goatfish
These guys are great bottom cleaners as they are always looking for food with their barbels!
ML Yellow Tang
Great fish that will get and attitude after established! One of the most popular fish in the hobby.
Yasha Hase Goby
A rare treat, but limited in numbers. Awesome to pair of with pistol shrimp!
Md Kole Tang
Another popular fish from Hawaii, and a great algae eater! Nice color that is intricate yet rich!
Flame Hawkfish
We simply do not see these too often anymore! Great looking batch, really bright and active!
Md Hippo Tang
A few left over from last week, doing great and looking perfect!
Female Bimaculatus Anthia
We were so impressed with these last time, we had to bring them back in! Awesome colors!
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
These are a personal favorite that we only see once or twice a year, awesome reef fish!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums