Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

The Treasure Coast's #1 aquarium store.

Happy Memerial Day weekend! We will be open Monday, and may have a couple extra specials just for the Holiday!

This week we have a pretty diverse selection of critters from all over the world!!

We received the largest shipment of Ultra Maxima clams we have seen in a while, and they are looking great! Tons of super bright BLUE, just like everyone has been asking for! We also received some other gems from ORA, see below for details.

We have all kinds of stuff going on with coral frags this weekend and are working our hardest to make sure we are full to the rim with a plethora of awesome frags at Buy 2 Get 1 Free pricing! Some nice Aussie chalices, great looking zoas and palys, a few SPS and a bunch of other softies and stonies! We do have a small cherry shipment of corals coming in Friday, so be on the lookout for some extra frags, I have a couple ideas they may be very cool!

Fish and invert wise we are very well stocked with an unusual amount of large fish this week. Powder Blue and Brown tangs are looking great and the Desjardini Tangs are looking AWESOME! There are plenty of little guys too, with some of the nicest flasher wrasses we have had in a long time and tons of other goodies!

Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!
Algagen Super Phyto
Free 1/2 Portion
This stuff is SUPER this week! We put aside a few gallons just to give away, but when that is gone, it is still 25% off!
LRS Reef Frenzy
25% Off
This will be coming in Friday afternoon. One of the best foods on the market and incredibly fresh!
ORA Derasa Clam
A great clam for beginners and advanced aquarists alike. These are true giant clams and get up to almost 2 feet!
ORA Ultra Maxima Clam
The best of the best, and these guys are stunning! Compare to $79.99 online.
ORA Blue Bottle Brush
A great SPS with nice blue tips! Very hardy.
ORA Red Planet
One of the most demanded corals out there! Awesome color, extremely limited.
Chalice 1
$5.00 Frags
Nice large polyps, looking great and from down under!
Chalice 2
$7.50 Frags
Nice yellow eyes on this Aussie chalice! Very meaty!
Chalice 3
$10.00 Frags
Bright orange on this Indonesian chalice! 
Chalice 4
$10.00 Frags
Aquacultured and looking great! Bright pink eyes!
Duncan Coral
$5.00-15.00 Frags
This is a tight colony and there many heads close together, we will try to separate them as small as possible!
$5.00 And $10.00 Frags
!!Buy 2 Get 1 Free!!
From pretty basic to sweet! 
Astrea Snail
$.50 10+
The backbone of the reef clean up crew, stock up while they are on sale!
Margarita Snail
$.70 10+
Pretty good at turning themselves over if they fall, and great algae eaters!
Finger Print Nerite
$.70 10+
Known for helping to keep red slime in check! One of the few snails that will eat it!
Scarlet Hermit
A great crab and one of the few crabs that will help with red slime!
Mexican Turbo
A great looking batch of mostly larger guys!
Blue Knuckle Hermit
Nice to have these little guys back! Awesome hermits and always popular!
Flame Scallop
Always a great addition and look awesome!
Horseshoe Crab
Great sand sifters but remember, they do grow up!
Sand Sifting Conch
Great for passive sand cleaning perfectly reef safe!
Engineer Goby
These guys are hard workers when they grow up. The horizontal line turns into many vertical ones!
Scissortail Goby
A great schooling fish! Will school with firefish and other dart gobies!
P.J. Cardinal
A nice looking batch of small guys this week! Great little reef fish!
Neon Goby
A cleaner fish that will help tend to your fishes cleaning needs!
Lawnmower Blenny
Small to medium this week. Great algae eaters!
Mandarin Goby
An all time marine classic that will only thrive in well established aquariums!
Red Sea Squirt
Pretty cool filter feeders that we do not see too often!
Green Coris Wrasse
A fish we have not had on special for a little while, very nice looking batch!
Red Fromia Starfish
Always popular, a great reef animal!
Diamond Goby
Nice looking batch with almost all being medium.
Aurora Goby
Smaller than the African ones, these Indo ones do look just as nice when they grow up! 
Blue Linkia Starfish
Another stellar looking batch from Fiji! We ha no problems with the ones from last week!
Yellow Goatfish
Very active scavengers! They do get decent size but are great sand movers!
Casino Fish
Awesome fish that glow under reef lighting! Always highly recommended!
Midas Blenny
Great looking batch of small mediums! Such an awesome fish!
T. R. Seahorses
Smalls and a few mediums left! Great looking batch that was raised overseas!
Lg Cleaner Shrimp
Always the best Sri Lanka has to offer! Great alone or in groups!
Fire Shrimp
Great looking batch and looking bright!
Super Male Flasher Wrasse
Some of the nicest I have ever seen, and some of the largest!
Yellow Tang
Nice batch of mediums, always a great addition!
Desjardini Sailfin Tang
Spectacular looking batch! Awesome size and intense color!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums