Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

The Treasure Coast's #1 aquarium store.

What a great week this week for livestock! Tons of goodies from all over the world, and some new guys on special and some long missed ones!

Hikari mysis shrimp is on sale for BOGO this weekend! Limit of four packs total, so stock up while it is cheap!

We had a great shipment of coral this week from Indo, with a good few frags to show off some of the selection. Some of these corals are pretty hot, and we don't expect them to hang out too long, especially in the $25.00 tub!

Last week the over all consensus was that you wanted Phantom clownfish, so we got them, a bunch of them! Singles and pairs, and at a price that is unheard of! Some of the nicest looking clownfish we have ever seen! Remember, these are Ocellaris, so you can pair them up with any other type of Ocellaris, such as snowflake, davinci, black ice, or any other designer Ocellaris clown, pretty cool!

Larry's food is on sale one more time, in case you missed it! Such a great food, feeds everything and is one of the cleanest foods you can use!

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you!
Hikari Mysis
Awesome! Yeah! Yippie!
Limited to four total packs and only on sale this weekend!
Larry's Reef Frenzy
25% Off
One of our most popular foods! Super clean, a little something for everyone!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Really, the only reason we do this every weel is to keep it below the minimum advertised price! Awesome and as fresh as it gets!
Regular Coral Frags
$5.00 Each
Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Good selection and nice colors! There may even be more over the course of the weekend!
Florescent Horn Coral
$5.00 Frags
Always bright! A great, hardy sps that we love to frag. Grows well and does have a strong sting!
Blue Anthellia
$5.00 Frags
It has been a while since we have had these. Great little snowflakes that grow well but are not aggressive. 
Blue Sponge
$7.00 Frags
It seems like forever since we have had these! These guys grow great and have an awesome blue color!
Premium Zoa and Paly
$7.00 Frags
These will be the newest zoas and palys and there should be a GREAT selection!
Branching Lobo
$7.00 Frags
Always a nice little bright adddition! Limited!
Neon Hammer
$10.00 Per Polyp
Always popular! Green tentacle and green tip!
Premium Ricordea Yuma
Nice little gems! Limited, but looking awesome!
$25.00 Tub
Really, awesome selection! The tub is full of things that are usually $35-$50! About 50 pieces to choose from!
Astrea Snails
$.35 25+
The most commonly used cleaner snail. Great for grazing away multiple types of algae, and a price to die for!
Blue Leg Hermits
$.35 25+
Our preferred grazing hermit. While smaller than Mexican red legs, they do tend to be more polite!
Scarlet Hermit
Great grazers that can help at controlling red slime! Good size and great color!
Peppermint Shrimp
Always great for the reef tank! Eat aiptasia and are great in groups!
Emerald Crab
One of the best critters you can add for the removal of macro algae. Work best in groups!
Assorted Urchins
Want to talk about algae control? These guys will mow the lawn if you let them! 
XL Lettuce Nudi
I think these are the largest I have ever seen!
Deco Crab
Always popular, and they are fun to watch! They will take things from around the aquarium and decorate themselves!
Blue Line Demoiselle
A first on special and most likely a first in the store! Limited, but super cool! We will try for these again in the near future.
Feather Duster
Nice looking batch with some great variation.
Yellow Clown Goby
It has been a while, and these guys are perfect!
Neon Goby
Great fish for cleaning other fish! In fact, the best!
Red Fromia Starfish
The best looking batch we have had all year! Good size and color and doing great!
Psychedelic Mandarin
Nice looking batch, and not the tiny little guys we have been seeing, solid mediums!
Tail Spot Blenny
A great little reef fish! Like a bicolor, or midas for that matter, but stay smaller!
Green Coris
Great looking batch of little bug pickers! Green is actually a hard color to get in saltwater fish!
Yellow Coris
Great looking batch of swimming bananas! Good at eating pests too!
Blue Spot Seahare
Nice medium size! Great for algae removal!
Large Black Misbar Ocellaris
Being the huge hit they were last week, we had to go for round two! Great value!
Ornate Leopard Wrasse
Leopard wrasses in general are not a fish we recommend except to advanced aquarist, but when they do well, WOW!
Medium To Large Diamond Goby
Great looking batch from Sri Lanka! The most commonly use sand sifter, very active!
Bubble Anemone
With all the clownfish we have had, we have to have some homes too!
Geometric Pygmy Hawk
A great little reef fish! Personality, color, and polite!
Small-Medium Naso Tang
A little larger than we usually offer on these guys! Great for large aquariums!
Yellow Anthias
Female pink square anthias, and what great size! Awesome looking batch!
Divided Leopard Wrasse
Very limited, but more beautiful! Great fish for advanced aquarist!
Small-Medium Hippo Tang
The perfect size! Not too small, not too large, just right!
Phantom Ocellaris
$100.00 Pairs
One of the nicest clowns I have seen! Compare to $100 each or $180 a pair!
Clownfish Pairs
Starting At $50.00
Six varieties and nine pairs to choose from! All look great!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums