Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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This weekend we have some great looking corals available! Tons of new frags and a great selection of colonies too! All frags will be available when we open Friday! It has been a while but we did get in some great looking golden torch corals, some of the nicest we have seen in a while! Vietnam Zoas are looking better than they have all year! We have some great looking frags and a few very nice colonies available as well, great color and coverage!

This will be the last weekend for the Biocube raffle, so get the last few tickets while they are still available! We will be raffling the tank next Friday morning, Good Luck!

For the weekend we are offering a first, 10% off Gift Certificates! This really is the best gift for the aquarists, this way they can get what they want and not have to worry about compatibility issues!! We highly recommend this, not to mention, it can go under the tree!

Have a great weekend, we hope to see you, and stay warm!
Gold Torch Coral
$60.00 Per Polyp
Limited and always go fast, all available are in single polyp! Sweet and great size!
Orange Leptastrea
$5.00 Frags
A great coral we have not had in a while! Great growers, from Aussie with love!
Reverse Prizm Favia
$5.00 Frags
Another great Aussie coral! Very nice looking!
Vietnam Zoas
$5.00 Frags
The nicest looking batch of the year! A new supplier and these guys know what they are doing!
All Coral Frags
$5.00 Each
A nice looking batch, with more on the way! Standard frags.
Acan Frags
Such a great coral! Place lower in the aquarium and enjoy!
Gift Certificates
10% Off
We usually do not offer any discount on gift cards, but this weekend save a little on the best gift!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
Looks like a great batch this week! Super rich phyto and thumping PODS!
Biocube Raffle
$5.00 Tickets
Limited! Good luck!
Astrea Snail
$.60 Each 10+
$.40 Each 25+
A good time of year to get the tank cleaned up for company! The first line of defense!
Blue Leg Hermits
$.60 Each 10+
$.40 Each 25+
Second line of defense! Great little pickers! We get calls from all over the US for these guys!
Mexican Turbo
Large to jumbo in size this week! A great cleaner that tends to last for a long time!
Shaving Brush Algae
Nice looking macro algae, great for seahorses!
Nano Clowns
These guys are so cute and growing quickly! Awesome fish for smaller tanks, or to watch Nemo grow!
Yellow Watchman Goby
Another great looking batch of super yellows! A good few pistol shrimp in too!
Chocolate Chip Starfish
Awesome animals for FOWLR! These are not reef safe!
Arrow Crab
Bristle worm control at its finest! Overall a great reef animal!

XL Warpaint Clown Goby
These guys are whales! The largest we have had and great color!
Strawberry Dottyback
Another great bristle worm controller, but do get a little aggressive!
Engineer Goby
Great sand sifters, locally. When they mature the stripes go from horizontal to vertical!
P.J. Cardinal
A classic! Good size this week and eating well!
Tomato Clown
Smaller size to fit in with a wide variety of tank mates! 
A great, very peaceful, little fish, group in large aquariums, or solo in small tanks!
Sixline Wrasse
Such a great little reef fish! They do get aggressive, but eat sooo many problem animals!
Tree Sponge
A great splash of inexpensive color! They are filter feeders so remember to feed them too!
Small Cleaner Shrimp
A great looking batch at a great price! Always popular!
Diamond Sleeper Goby
Great looking batch, our favorite sand sifter!
Yellow Headed Sleeper Goby
Nice looking batch, great sand sifters!
Sm Snowflake Eel
Limited but looking great! Overall the most popular aquarium eel!
Niger Trigger
Great batch of smaller mediums! A good reef trigger!
Klein's Butterflyfish
Great for aiptasia anemone control! We love these hardy butterflies!
Ruby Red Dragonette
A great looking batch with some great size and color!
Panther Grouper
So cute! They do grow fast, and remember, they are a grouper!
Heniochus Butterfly
While not a good reef candidate, great for fish only or tanks with softies!
Harlequin Shrimp
Limited, a great animal for control of Asterinia starfish!
MD-LG Foxface
Great size and doing awesome! Great for algae control!
LG Longnose Hawkfish
Great looking batch! Great color and eating well!
Midas Blenny
A fish with such personality! They will get to know you!

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums